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Faith-Based Entrepreneurs
Wealthier U is the only Christian Entrepreneur community that takes your love for Jesus & your passion for business seriously, so you can finally live a greater life of generosity.

No more searching. No more wasting time. No more mindless stares at your computer.

(Thank God...)
  •   Okay, God! I have NO idea what I'm doing, but I'm going to trust you and go ALL IN...
  •   I’ll make enough money to be comfortable, support my family, & live a lifestyle of complete freedom…
  •  Finally - I’ll be able to create deep, meaningful impact in the world & leave a legacy for my kids…
But once you took the leap and started on this whole “entrepreneurial lifestyle” you realized it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. 

With all the NOISE out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated.

Especially if you’re trying to do it all on your own.

Trying to figure out the solutions and discover the “secrets” to the mountain of problems you face as an entrepreneur can be daunting…

(Sales, Marketing, SEO, Landing Pages, Tripwires, oh my!)
Let’s face it. Starting a business is HARD WORK...
  •  You've tried to LEARN everything & DO everything alone, but find yourself burned out and ready to "close shop" on your dreams (for good...)
  •  You've joined 1,417 Facebook Groups hoping this next one will give you the answers you need to propel yourself forward...
  •  You've lost count of how many "DISCOVERY" calls you've had with so-called business coaches that have NO IDEA what they're talking about...
  •  You feel your SPOUSE is starting to give you weird looks because of how much MONEY you've put into making your business work...
Guess what? There's HOPE.
(Cue the church choir!)
There is a real possibility that you can succeed as a Christian Entrepreneur, make the kind of money you've always dreamed of, and glorify God in your life & business.

And it’s closer than you think. (Again... Thank God!)
  •  Never again have to ask permission from a boss for a vacation... (Freedom Like None Other)
  •  Serve people in a way that makes them see God through you... (A Missionary In The Market)
  •  Be fully in control of how big your bank account can get... (Fulfill Your Potential)
"I've heard it all before... I don't want promises, I want RESULTS."
I hear you! So many membership sites throw a ton of content at you, hoping you get overwhelmed and feel forced to stick around.

Wealthier U is different. We believe in PROFIT first. Which is why I'm going to show you the exact 5 step blueprint you'll learn as a member of Wealthier U.
The "Wealthier U" Success Blueprint
Step 1: Establish Your Core Offer
"Find a problem, then fill it."

First, we'll focus on how you're going to build most of your wealth online by establishing an all-inclusive, high-priced offer you can best deliver that meets your audience’s top needs. This is your guaranteed solution to your clients greatest challenge.
Step 2: Create Buyers Through An Irresistible Tripwire
"Build trust by creating MASSIVE value for a low price."

Then you'll figure out exactly how you can create a list of people MOST inclined to invest in your Core Offer. That's where your Tripwire comes in: An extremely affordable product or service (think anything below $10).
Step 3: Develop Your Lead Magnet
"Be immediately helpful."

After, you'll develop an irresistible incentive you offer your traffic in exchange for their contact information, so you can email them about your tripwire & core offer.
Step 4: Become An Authority Through Extraordinary Content
"Become the ONLY option for people."

Then, you'll write the 10 pieces of extraordinary content your online business needs in order to generate traffic. You'll do this by demonstrating immediate value through a freely distributed channel like a blog, social media or podcast.
Step 5: Market Your Extraordinary Content
"You have the solution - share it."

Finally, you'll let people know you have the solution to their need. You'll use Social Marketing (like Facebook Ad's), build strong SEO (through your content), and even offline campaigns (like flyers and speaking gigs). Whether it’s paid or unpaid, online or offline, you need to make others aware that your business exists by getting their attention.
"What's Included With
My Wealthier U Membership?"
  • Unlimited Access to ALL of Wealthier U's step-by-step business trainings so you can move at your own pace... (With each training focusing on honoring God by applying christian principles...)
  • Workshops & Bootcamps from Expert 6 - 8 figure Christian Entrepreneurs...
  • Live Monthly Q&A Calls: Because sometimes you need to get out of your own head & get real feedback...
  • Templates & Word-for-word Scripts: Fast track your success with these fill-in templates and scripts...
  • Your Own Personal Growth Buddies: Not just another private Facebook Group. We'll also connect you with other entrepreneurs you can share strategies, get feedback, and celebrate successes with...
  • An exclusive invite to attend our private Wealthier U LIVE event...
  • A FREE Copy of Online Wealth for the Christian Entrepreneur: I'll mail you a signed copy of the best selling book. (Already have your copy? It's a great gift for a friend...)
And all for one flat monthly fee...
(Hint: It's less the cost of your weekly Starbucks runs) - All Rights Reserved