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What is WealthierU?
Everything you need to fulfill your God-given potential in your business.
Core Trainings
Step-by-step courses that help you lay a solid foundation so you can get your business up & running... FAST!
Expert Classes
Get instant access to a vault of premium online trainings available to your phone,
tablet & desktop...
Entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to pray boldly for you, and challenge you to take
consistent action...
Templates & Scripts
Workbooks & master checklists, so you can get past the pesky "creation" phase and move on to sales as fast as possible...
Hot Seats + Q&A
Get the exact answers & support you need to move your needle forward. (We're talking DEEP feedback into your funnels, content, offers...)
Constant Support
From a ton of entrepreneurs who've "been there - done that," and who are in the trenches with you...
I'm so thankful for the people of faith and business who are standing in agreement with me & helping me see my biggest dreams come to life.

- Roxanne Oates
Instant Access To Core Trainings Like...
  •  Paid Traffic: 11 Steps to Building a Profitable Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign
  •  Engaged: How To Start & Scale A Business Facebook Group
  •  Irresistible: How to Craft & Sell High-Ticket Items Worth $10,000+
  •  Extraordinary: How to Create Content That Gets Noticed & Drives Traffic To Your Funnels
  •  Wealth Building: How The Rich Get Rich (& You Can Too)
  •  Breaking Free For Good: How To Destroy Bad Habits & Negative Mindsets
  •  The Deep Dive: How To Know Your Audience Better Than Their Momma's
  •  Product Launches:  How To Have A Successful Launch For Your Next Product, Program or Service
  •  ... And so much more!*
*We're always adding new courses based on our members specific challenges - so you get exactly what you need!
Meet Your Guides
Shawn Q
Co-Founder & CEO of WealthierU
Sam Hodgett
Co-Founder & CTO of WealthierU
Renayka Boyd
COO of WealthierU
Hello... We're Shawn Q, Sam Hodgett & Renayka Boyd
- serial entrepreneurs, authors, marketers, and believers in Christ.

We've spent years starting and growing successful businesses
and love teaching from experience (not just theory - practical application!)

We've worked with clients from small-to-mega sized churches, 6 - 8 figure entrepreneurs,
non-profits, politicians, musical artists & international ministries.

As part of the WuCrew, you get immediate backstage access
to over 16 Core Courses we've created to help you do the same.
Step-By-Step Training Right In Your Hand
Get instant access to experts who will show you exactly
how to build your business using the 4 Pillars of Wealth...
Guest Experts & Instructors
Experts in their industries, you get access to their vast
experience each month through Live Masterclass Sessions...
MIG Soap

Masterclass: Wealth Building Principles & Biblical Success
Influencer Revolution

Masterclass: How To Get Featured On TV In Just 30 Days
Entrepreneur Hustle

Masterclass: Advanced Facebook Ad's Strategy
Prospects On Demand

Masterclass: The 10 Best Markets To Enter For Guaranteed Clients

Masterclass: How To Tell Your Story & Get Noticed
Millennial Entrepreneur

Masterclass: How To Instantly Grow Your Facebook Group
Legendary Marriage

Masterclass: How To Enjoy Marriage As An Entrepreneur
Brands & Graphic Design

Masterclass: How To Brand Yourself Like An Influencer
...New Classes & Experts Every Month...
Everything You Need To Build Your
Business Right At Your Fingerprints!
The WuCrew is more than just another membership site. It's a community ripe with believers who are ready to encourage, challenge & support you as you fulfill your God-given potential.

Whether you're just getting started or you've built an influential brand,
you'll have everything you need to build wealth.
Business Is More Than Just Profit...
We want to help you make as MUCH MONEY as possible,
because we know what you plan on doing with it....

...Change The World!
Us, too.

That's why we give 10% of every dollar we earn
to a non-profit on the front lines of rescuing boys & girls
from human trafficking and sex slavery.
**We've partned with Asociatia FREE, an NGO located in Romania,
the global center for human & sex trafficking. Just by being
a member of WealthierU you are saving lives!**
7 Frequently Asked Questions
We want this to be the easiest "YES!" you can give.
1. Is my membership a one-time fee or billed monthly?
After your 7-day trial, WealthierU is billed monthly. Your credit card will be charged $59/mo on the same day each month. Your membership will remain active until you choose to cancel.
2. Can I cancel at any time?

Our job is to over-deliver on our promise to get you results. If you feel we're not keeping up our end of the bargain - just let us know and we'll stop your payments immediately.
3. What happens once I sign up for my 7-day $1 trial?
For just $1, you'll get FULL access to the private Facebook group, the masterclasses, the courses, the Live Q&A sessions, the coaching calls, the support... All of it!
4. What happens on Day 8 - the day after my trial?
You'll receive a FREE physical copy of Online Wealth for the Christian Entrepreneur, as well as a big box of goodies as we fully induct you into our membership!
5. Is my billing & credit card information secure?
Yes - 100%. We've built our processing system with complete SSL Certifications. Also - we will NEVER sell, rent, or give your information to any third-party marketers. You're safe here.
6. What if my business is more of a ministry?
Whether you're in a for-profit, non-profit or ministerial organization, you'll 100% be able to apply WealthierU's community, courses, and support to meeting your goals.
7. What if I have other questions?
Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll be sure to help!